The volunteer Board of Directors of Care-n-Share and Associate Board worked toward getting the pantry a 501 (3) (6) status in 2015.

President: Susan Wendt

Vice President: Lori Caso
Treasurer: George Brown
Secretary: Harmony Retzlaff Hurtgam
Chairman of the Board: Anne Cole


Lori Adamson

Erica Brenner

Maurine Brown

Zach Collister

Claudia Fleckenstein

Richard Gorrow

Erin Howard

Ellie Murphy (Pantry Coordinator)

Alan Pogel


Board of Directors and Associate Board

The food pantry serves on average of 320 individuals every month, providing food for families to prepare at home. Shelves in the pantry are filled with food procured from the WNY Food Bank as well as purchased from donations.

Guests of the pantry select their groceries once a month (the pantry is open Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.)

Monetary donations assist in paying the food bank around 14 cents a pound for food.  Donations of personal items such as toothpaste, shampoo, soap, diapers and toilet paper are always welcome.

 Intercommunity Services is the parent organization of Care-n-Share Food Pantry and holds the 501 (c) (3) certification.

This organization will allow us to grow and offer more services as needs arise in the community.


Food Pantry

Intercommunity Services Inc.

The Pantry